Seminars can be done for groups of 2-200 (or more). If you want samples we will need to discuss for numbers greater than 25.
Interactive lunch experience available for smaller groups of 12 and under, starting at $15.50 per person additional.

Empowered by Food

As an Integrative Nutrition Coach we consider not only the food on your plate but the other aspects of your life that affect your overall health. We call the food on your plate “Secondary food”. The things that affect your outer life, such as career, relationships, self care, exercise & spirituality we call “Primary Food”. In this seminar, we will discuss how each affect your health and how making small changes in either category can create great change to allow you to further empower your life. Each participant will be provided with recipes that are sure to shine the light from within.


What the Heck is Inflammation

Inflammation is the hot new health buzz word, but what is it and why is it bad for your health. In this seminar, we will discuss inflammation, how it affects your health and how you can reduce inflammation in your body. We’ll talk food and lifestyle that promote low inflammation in the body. Recipes included.

Sugar vs. Fat Who is to Blame?

First fat made you fat. Now we are hearing that sugar is bad, but so is artificial sweeter? Are people really putting butter in their coffee? It seems the world has been turned upside-down and no one knows how to eat healthy anymore. This is not a trick question, there is an answer. Anna breaks it down and makes healthy eating easy. As always you’ll receive simple recipes so you can practice what you learn.

“Reinventing You” Series

This is a three-part series that looks at how you can treat yourself better and lead a healthier life. We break it down into three parts correlating to the times of day, (morning, daytime and evening). We will talk about how creating new small habits at each of these times of day can lead to big changes! Topics will include tips for grounding yourself, staying focused and motivated, stress relief, and tips to make healthy eating just a bit easier. Anna will demonstrate (with the option of tasting samples) easy healthy meal options and snacks for each time of day. Attendees will receive recipes for all demonstrations.

Healthy Weekly Meals

In this seminar we will teach and discuss healthy weekly meals. We’ll discuss the challenges people face in getting a healthy meal on the table after a long day of work. Using visual aids, we’ll present healthy options debunk some health myths and offer some quick dinner “cheats”. Each participant with be presented with a weeks of recipes to coincide with a streamlined meal plan, starring some key ingredients that can be used in more than one meal.


Reinventing Lunch

Don’t let a boring lunch drive you to the drive-thru.  Keep it fresh and exciting so that you stay on that healthy track.  Chef Anna of Happy Food MN will teach you tips and tricks to making lunch a little bit healthier and a little bit more exciting. You’ll learn how to make an easy Cherry Walnut Rotisserie Chicken Salad, Ball Jar salads and the art of the Bento box. Each participant will receive recipes to replicate what you’ve learned at home.

Fall Harvest at the Farmer’s Market

Shopping at the farmer’s market is the new trend. But navigating those stalls can be confusing and intimidating. Chef Anna is here to demystify the farmer’s market! We will discuss what fall fruits and veggies can be found at the farmer’s markets as well as other items such as grass-fed meats, eggs, jellies, & pickled items. I’ll walk you through how to put a meal together and how to be open about working with unfamiliar ingredients. Recipes will be provided as well as a discussion on the basics of inspired cooking without a recipe.


Revamping Your Food Closet – As Seen on KARE 11

Anna will bring in some of the top fridge and pantry offenders (sugary yogurts, overly processed foods, boxed/frozen dinner no-nos and all those vitamin and energy drinks) and have a healthy alternative for each item on her do-no-eat list. We’ll make parfaits using muesli, honey fresh fruit, and talk about some of those of the new hot foods in health like hemp hearts and chia seeds, taste water infusions and talk bone broth. Anna will also provide instruction and a recipe for a Scrap Stock and Crock Pot Chicken Soup, and easy way to feed the family.

Easy Designer Party Platters

Mission: Prepare yourself for the upcoming holidays. Learn how to impress your friends with little effort and whole lot of deli savvy. Create a crudité platter and explore cheeses and complements to create a platter that will impress even the pickiest of party goers. Sample Cheese and walk away with a cheat sheet of what you learned to make your shopping a snap!