Over the past 12 months, I have been suffering from what can only be classified as chronic indigestion and GI discomfort.  I had constant pain and indigestion which had taken the daily enjoyment of food out of my life along with my ability to truly sleep at night.  I came to Anni after several disappointing visits to my primary physician and multiple GI Specialists who couldn’t pinpoint a diagnosis nor provide any guidance on a course of treatment. 
Through Anni’s life changing Healthy Reboot program, I’ve learned how to eat “clean” which is undoubtedly the key to a healthy lifestyle and the only source of comfort I’ve been able to find for the issues I had been suffering with for over a year.  Anni provided me weekly coaching sessions which included guidance on what type of food to shop for, the best places to find it and her personalized recipes for the elimination diet she designed for me.  The results have been amazing – I’ve lost over 15 pounds and have all but eliminated the aforementioned symptoms by simply following her advice and guidance. 
Anni’s guidance has changed my life physically and emotionally – and my family’s as well.  Food is the fuel of the body and your body will only run as efficiently as what you choose to put in it on a daily basis – It’s really as simple as that.  Anni will continue to be a staple in my life and I highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a healthier or “cleaner” way of living.

Nikki Azzone

I had such a wonderful experience receiving health coaching and support from Anna! She was so focused on my individual goals without making me feel overwhelmed by the experience. She really helped me to regain confidence with cooking and introduced me to new recipes with healthy options, which still tasted great! Each session we reviewed my goals and addressed any barriers that presented in life. We would take an in-depth look at my life to see what patterns emerged to address any barriers to making long-term changes to a healthier way of being. 

What I liked most about Anna is her nonthreatening non-judgemental approach while focusing on my unique goals. She provided me with the accountability I needed to create different patterns around eating!

Deb Schmidt

Anni is such a wonderful health coach! When I began working with Anni, I was having health issues, weight issues, and overall struggled even making it through the day with my low energy.

I was overwhelmed with the amount of change that I knew needed to happen, but Anni was so skilled at breaking it down into just the next, most important things that would make the most impact. Anni has completely changed the way I think about my health, and has helped me see that deeply caring for myself in a sustainable way is the most important thing I can do for my own life and for the people I love.

Anni strikes a beautiful balance between listening, sharing her huge wealth of nutrition information, and helping to create realistic and achievable goals. I'm so happy to share that after working with Anni, I'm lighter, have abundant energy, and feel like I have the tools to continue to create a healthy future. If you are considering working with Anna, please do. It will be the most important investment in your future that you will get back ten-fold. Thank you Anni! – Jessica Rockswold

Jessica Rockswold

I had the opportunity to work with Anni as my health coach and wanted to share my experience.

Anni introduced healthy clean eating to me at our first meeting and helped me to set goals.  One of my initial concerns was regulating my blood sugar in the afternoon.  I was experiencing “crashing” around 3:30 everyday.   Anni asked me to tell her what my meals looked like and suggested making changes to my food choices.  By increasing protein and fat in my diet, I was able to eliminate the issue and have been successfully avoiding “crashes”. 

Her knowledge of healthy eating goes beyond label reading.  She is very engaging and a great listener, all positive attributes of being an “excellent coach”.  At our meetings, which were held at a local co-op, we reviewed our previous discussion, planned for the next couple of weeks and then always checked the goals to make sure we were still on track.  She also emailed a summary of each meeting along with recipes and/or meal plans  Her enthusiasm and encouraging style have made my “health coach” experience amazing.

Sue Fahey

What a joy it has been to have Anna Klimmek present a three- part series on Healthy Eating and a session on Cooking for One or Two for our church. Because of Anna’s expertise as a chef and health coach, along with her excellent teaching skills and vibrant personality, her presentations were educational and fun. Her realistic approach to developing a healthy lifestyle has made incorporating her ideas and recipes enjoyable. Congratulations Anna on developing such a helpful, successful business!

Stacy Eichman-Cardwell

Director of Adult Education

Hi Anna! I attended your “Reinventing the Bag Lunch” seminar at Capella Tower today. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I learned so many cool things! Your presentation style is simply the BEST. You are clearly chock full of knowledge, but you share it in a way that is not at ALL intimidating…which makes it easier for the rest of us mere mortals to take it in. Thanks so much for your time and energy today! What a wonderful way to spend an hour. Keep up the great work!

ps: That chicken salad…OMG. Going to Costco tonight for ingredients. 🙂