You are DONE feeling crummy. You’ve decided to take control, to feel better and to own your body again. You know it’s a food and lifestyle issue. You don’t know how to change it, but you are ready!

That is where I come in! I take a body positive approach to realizing health. No pressure, no scales, no measurements, no crash diets, or crazy exercise regimens. 

Instead, I help you remove your blocks and discover your barriers to health. We figure out what your challenges are and make micro changes to overcome them.

We’ll level out your blood sugar, so you don’t lose energy at 3pm and go on a cookie bender (that’s me!). We’ll balance out your hormones so that they are working for you, not against you. We’ll get that gut sorted out so that your day is not ruled by tummy troubles. We’ll lift the brain fog so that you can think clearly again.

You will learn to love your body for what it is and what it can do for you if you give it a chance.

We’ll get you back to loving your life. It’s all connected. You’ll see!

You’ll learn how to eat well in a way that fits your style.
If you want to cook, you’ll learn how to cook.
If you want to master the tricks of shopping healthy at the grocery store, you will!
If you want to learn easy meal hacks, you will.
If you want to move more w/ out going crazy at the gym, you will.
If you want to sleep better, you will!
If you want to lessen the stress your life, you will!
If you want to care for yourself, you will!

Long-term change isn’t easy. It takes time for habits to really stick! We take that time to dig in, to find out what you really need. Then we create achievable goals and a customized plan, designed just for you.

You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to show up and keep practicing with an open heart, an open mind and a willingness to change. With the right coach by your side you can achieve anything.

Transformational Coaching

It’s about more than just food. It’s how you view yourself. It’s how you show up in the world.

Classes & Seminars

Join a cooking class or seminar and you’ll learn how to make healthy food taste good.

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